Hey there Stranger!

If you ended up here then you are probably interested in getting paid to write gaming or anime articles. Well you landed in the right place but first of all, let me explain what is Akanagi.com

Akanagi.com is a project I started back in December 2018 with the intention of sharing my knowledge and discovers I find through the web. Some months have already passed and unfortunately, I have realized, that this is not a journey I run myself meaning I need to hire people to help me realize this project of mine! And I would love you to be a part of it!

That little intro touched me… But what’s my gaining in this?


Surely people do not like working/writing for free I myself I would not waste time writing for someone else without receiving anything back.

Our competitors pay their writers for a fixed rate for every word they write. So if your employer pays you 5/10$ for 1000 words that’s it! That’s your compensation. I totally believe that is a wrong way to work with writers. I have personally written some articles that have generated way more money than a miserable 10$ check!

Here at Akanagi, I compensate each writer with a fixed rate for every visitor that reads his article! So the more people read your article the more you earn! And that’s for lifetime!

Little Author Box

Akanagi.com is visited by thousands of visitors every day your writing’s efforts will also be compensated by giving you a little Author Box at the end of each article. This can potentially increase your social media exposure and open your career to new paths.

SEO Optimization & Friendly Admin

Your articles will be personally reviewed by me and will be optimized in order to enhance your chances to rank higher on Google. Ranking higher means higher earnings!

As well you can always be in touch with me regarding anything. If you don’t know what to write about, if you feel concerned about something or even if you want to give me any feedback or new ideas I will be always free to talk!

Ok, that’s good but still why should I write for you when I can easily write for bigger sites?

You are always free to write for bigger sites, I mean at the end that’s your own choice. But you have to look at both the positives and negatives. Probably writing for bigger sites will end up in you being locked through a contract with a daily schedule to write and deliver articles!

That could cause you a lot of stress and paranoia as missing out on a schedule would mean you getting kicked out of their team! But this is not the case, for me you are free to write whenever you prefer without the feeling of being stressed out to deliver articles.

I totally love the idea but you’ve been in the business for a few months your website is fairly new.

That’s right but even though I’ve been in the business for a fairly short time. My website has gained a lot of references from hundreds of domain! Here are some stats of this website.

The domain rating is set at 56, while the URL rating is set at 53 and trust me to get to these numbers you will need to work a lot and know a lot of people in the industry!

And for being a fairly new website Akanagi.com is ranking for around 28.500 keywords with just a few hundred articles isn’t that insane? You can easily use the power of this website to rank your articles, gain money, gain social and work exposure, and be part of a project that can surely make it in the gaming and anime market. And besides, you won’t even need to worry about paying expensive bills to maintain the server!

So what are you waiting for? Are you going to hop on our train? 😀

For any question or inquiry feel free to add me on Discord: Akanagi#2403

Or just feel this contact form below!